About our Apollo Solar Technology

About Apollo solar Technology

We are a proudly SA solar geyser supplier. All our SA solar geysers are SABS approved and locally manufactured by SA Solar Technology. We also specialize in supplying big RDP development projects and low-cost housing. As the SA solar geyser products are locally manufactured and SABS approved. We can distribute it easily to your local area. Our office of SA solar geyser products is situated in South Africa. All the SA solar geyser equipment is compliant with international standards.  Therefore, all our SA solar geysers are pressure tested in our the SA Solar Technology factory and quality control is one of their highest priorities. We are also working very closely with the SABS, therefore we strive to supply local produced SA solar geysers which are also very affordable, straight to the public. We make it possible for you to purchase SA solar geyser products locally and directly from Apollo Solar Technology.

SA solar Technology solar geysers

Being one of the leading companies distributing SA solar geysers at affordable prices. Apollo solar Technology is an SA solar geyser supplier for more than fifteen years in South-Africa. We at Apollo solar Technology strive to build strong relationships with our clients. Using SA solar geyser technology contributes to a healthier environment. Apollo solar Technology strongly supports a green and healthy environment for all. Being a SA solar geyser supplier who accommodate for all people to go solar with our excellent SA solar geyser prices.

Electrical geysers consume a great amount of  energy  while a solar geyser can save you 45% to 90% on your water heating needs. This depends on the size and type of SA solar geyser installed. We accommodate a professional team of solar experts who will give solar advice and information regarding solar conversions or SA solar geysers. Simply fill in our  contact  form on our contact us page and we will answer every question you have. All our SA solar geysers are green at SA solar Technology for our  go green  campaign to save the environment. 

Apollo solar Technology is a leading solar geyser supplier

We take pride in what we do. At Apollo solar Technology  we supply only the highest quality SA solar geysers in South Africa. Our SA solar geyser installers are professionally trained and licensed for any solar geyser installation. Our SA solar geyser products are market competitive when it comes to general solar geyser prices. With Apollo solar Technology, you pay for outstanding quality SA solar geysers. We will provide you with excellent support and solar advice until we have met your needs. With so many satisfied customers, you can rest assured in our Apollo solar geyser installation services offered.

Solar geyser supplier in South Africa

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