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Retrofit tube conversion

Retrofit vacuum tube solar geyser products

SA solar Technology  is proud to offer our high-quality solar vacuum tube retrofit products at affordable prices. The Solar vacuum tube system is designed to convert your existing Kwikot or another named electrical geyser to a solar geyser. Our Retrofit vacuum tube conversions works by using a pump to circulate the water.

Solar Geyser Conversion
Solar Tube Conversion Geyser

Solar geyser vacuum tube conversion

Converting your existing geyser to a vacuum tube solar geyser is an excellent choice. Not only will you save on your electricity bill, but you will have hot water at your disposal during  load-shedding  or power-outages.  SA solar Technology  ensures that our Retrofitted solar vacuum tube geysers function great during cold nights or in frost prone areas.

How a solar vacuum tube conversion work

It is a direct system which allows water to be circulated using a pump. The circulated water circulates through the vacuum tube manifold. Solar energy from the sun is transferred into the storage vessel which is your existing geyser. The circulated water which is hot, can be used. Therefore, the vacuum tube system is used as a solar collector. SA solar Technology provides a 12V circulating pump for the water circulation. The vacuum tube pump is installed inside your roof. The vacuum tube solar geyser pump is also installed on the supply of cold water on the existing electrical geyser while the pump is powered by a smaller solar panel.

Evacuated Solar Tube Collector Conversions
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