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SA Solar PV hot water solar systems are manufactured and put together to offer you a more affordable solar conversion solution to your home or business. We put together a solar conversion kit with all the highest quality components which allows you to easily convert to a solar system. SA Solar Technology took the burden of figuring out which solar product to buy away, and provides our clients with easy to choose from SA Solar PV hot water solar systems instead.

Why invest in an SA Solar PV hot water solar system?
SA Solar Technology combined the best solar components on the market together to work perfectly for your solar conversion. There is no need to figure out which component to purchase for your solar conversion to work as it should. We have done the hard work for you!

What does an SA Solar PV hot water solar system include?
SA Solar PV hot water solar system components may seem complex and at times difficult to understand for most people. But there’s absolutely no reason to worry. Our SA Solar PV hot water solar conversion kits provide you with all the correct and carefully combined solar components which allows you just to install it and it will work right from the start. SA Solar Technology only provides the best quality Solar hot water conversion kits available in South Africa.

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