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Flat panel solar geyser conversions

Retrofit Flat plate solar collector

SA solar technology’s suppliers in South Africa specializes in the installations of solar flat panel geysers. Flat panel collectors Solar split systems are very popular solar geyser installations in South Africa. It is famous for being an affordable solar geyser product. Our suppliers offer the best solar conversion advice and solar flat panel conversion options for the last fifteen years.  Solar geyser conversions with our solar flat panel collectors are a great option to save you money. If you have an existing electrical geyser, you can only convert it to solar. Therefore, you save money on your solar conversion price and on your electrical bills.

Flat Plate Solar Geyser Conversion
Retrofit Flat Plate Solar Collector

What are Retrofit flat panel solar collectors?

Flat panel solar collectors consist of a flat solar flat panel installed on your roof. It is a flat panel which means it will fit in perfectly with any modern property in South Africa. Using the greenhouse effect, solar flat panels obtain and keeps the solar energy from the sun to heat the solar flat plate. Solar flat panel collectors can save you greatly on your electrical usage at your property. Contact SA solar technology’s supplier  today and get the best advice and solar price for your solar geyser  conversion  needs.

How a retrofit solar flat plate collector work

Solar radiation energy has wavelengths which passes through glass. In this process, the solar energy is absorbed by a metal plate or sheet on the other side of the glass. At much higher wavelengths, the solar heated plate emits its own radiant energy which creates the greenhouse effect. This radiant energy is basically trapped inside the glass and won’t escape easily. More radiant solar energy that falls on the solar flat panel collector means more hot water for your home.

How Flat Panel Conversions Work
Solar Flat Plate Glass Solar Radiation

Glass and solar radiation

Solar radiation which reach earth through sun rays consist of three percent ultra-violet rays and fifty five percent of infra-red radiation while there is forty two percent of light. Solar radiation reflects on glass while it also is absorbed in the glass and transmitted. Learn more about it  here.

Retrofit solar flat panel collector and solar split system sizes

SA solar technology offers our suppliers a variety of solar flat panel conversion sizes depending on your requirements. We have 150L solar geyser split systems, 200L solar geyser split systems and a 300L solar geyser split system. 

Flat Plate Solar Split Systems
Flat Panel Solar Energy Conversion

Contact our us for all your flat panel solar geyser needs

SA solar Technology has a local suppliers across South Africa who will provide you with all the information regarding retrofit flat panel collectors and solar geyser conversion systems.

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