Convert to a solar geyser with our Flat panel collectors

Save money with a Retrofitted flat panel solar geyser conversion today.


Convert to a Flat panel solar geyser collector

Converting to a solar geyser flat panel is a basic procedure. Your electrical geyser stays intact while the flat panel collector is installed on your home’s roof. Water is circulated where the water comes in and out on both the electrical geyser and the solar collector. The sun heats the water therefore, circulation starts. Hot water is transferred to the storage tank which is your electrical geyser. Coldwater is transferred into the solar collector. A solar geyser flat-panel conversion is the most simplistic and easiest form of going solar. And above all, solar flat panel conversions are a very affordable solar geyser option.

Flat-panel solar geyser sizes:

150L flat plate solar geyser

200L flat plate solar geyser

300L flat plate solar geyser

Convert to a solar geyser with our Flat panel collectors

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Cost for flat panel solar conversion

Converting to a solar flat panel geyser has never been easier and affordable.  We at SA solar Technology strive to offer all our suppliers with the best prices on all our solar geyser products. The solar flat panel geyser price varies on the specific needs of our clients from our locally placed suppliers. The size of the flat panel solar geyser and how many people in a house require hot water. Although, all our retrofitted solar flat panel conversion kits are of the highest quality, however, it is the perfect option that won’t come at a high solar flat panel conversion cost.

Our suppliers in your local area from SA solar Technology will assist you with the best solar flat plate conversion option to best suit all your solar geyser flat-panel conversion requirements.

Convert to a solar geyser with our Flat panel collectors
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