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SA Solar 100 Liter Integrated High-Pressure solar geyser for smaller households

Fully installed Price:

R16 400.00

Solar SA Certificate Of Compliance


SA Solar Technology offers you an SA Solar 100L Integrated High-pressure solar geyser

With our SA Solar 100L high-pressure solar geysers, circulation of water happens through natural convection. Therefore, our 100L SA Solar high-pressure solar geysers use thermosiphoning. Cold water in this solar geyser pushes the warm water up into the tank. All our SA Solar 100 Liter integrated solar geysers use vacuum tubes for the radiation of the sun to heat the water. Our SA Solar 100 Liter integrated high-pressure solar geyser has no maintenance required if installed correctly by our qualified solar geyser installers. This is because the SA Solar 100 Liter integrated high-pressure solar geyser has no moving parts which can require repairs. An electrical element is also used which only switches on to heat the water when it is really necessary.

SA Solar 100L High-Pressure solar geyser

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