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SA Solar Geyser Products

SA Solar geysers by Apollo solar technology

SA solar geyser distributor in South Africa.

Apollo solar technology is a leading solar geyser supplier and distributor which supply SA solar geyser products in South Africa. We have excellent SA solar geyser installers who conduct the installations of our SA solar geysers in South Africa. Our aim is to provide everybody in South Africa with the most effective SA solar geyser products. SA solar geysers save you a great amount of money on your electrical bills at the end of the month. Not solely will SA solar geysers save you money, however, SA solar geysers additionally reduce the national electricity usage which also reduces the amount of pollution generated to make electricity. See all our SA solar geysers and save on energy expenses today!

Distributor of SA solar geyser products in South Africa

SA solar geyser supplier

Apollo Solar Technology Locally made Solar Geyser Products

Locally made solar geysers from Apollo Solar Technology

Locally made solar geysers

All our solar geyser products are manufactured locally with the highest quality materials. We strive to sell our solar geysers locally to the public directly from SA Solar Technology, the manufacturer, nationwide. SA solar geysers uses the highest quality stainless steel and other premium materials which makes them the most premium and high-quality solar geyser products. Contact us today for a SA solar geyser quotation.

Large Apollo Solar Technology Solar Geyser Installation Projects

Apollo Solar Technology solar geyser projects

Large solar geyser projects

We specialize in providing solar geysers to large development projects. All our SA solar geysers come with SABS approval and high-quality related solar geyser accessories. Also, our SA solar geyser prices are competitive as SA solar geysers are manufactured locally. This reduces the waiting time for solar geyser availability due to the solar geyser products as the manufacture resides locally in RSA.

Great Solar Geyser Prices From Apollo Solar Technology

Apollo Solar Technology solar geyser prices

We sell directly to the public

All our solar geysers supplied locally and made available for the public through Apollo Solar Technology in South Africa. All our solar geysers have to be installed by SANS regulations. Save money by buying SA solar geyser products directly form Apollo Solar Technology. Apollo solar Technology has provided the most SA solar geyser products into the South Africa market. 

Our high-quality SA solar geysers

Apollo Solar Technology SA solar geysers

There are SA solar geysers for any climate in South Africa. The main component to heat water with solar geysers is the sun. The radiation of the sun light heats the solar panels for the geyser to generate hot water for your home. The sun is a free and sometimes an overlooked source of energy. SA solar technology solar geysers can function well in frost prone or frost-free environments.  Solar geysers  are all about going green to save the environment while it reduces electrical billing for the solar consumer. The average home uses about 40% of electricity with an electrical geyser. By using solar geysers from SA solar technology, you will see immediate electrical saving results.

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Apollo Solar Technology solar geyser product information

Solar Geysers Work During Winter

Solar geysers in the cold

Do solar geysers work in winter?

The answer is yes! The solar geyser has premium  insulation  which keeps the geyser warm during cold nights. A solar geyser absorbs heat directly from the radiation from the sun and not from the heat in the air.

Solar geyser energy

Does a solar geyser need to use electricity?

Solar geysers use the sun to heat water.  Solar  geysers don’t use the sun to generate electricity. Instead, the sun is used to generate heat for the water to become hot. What a great way to save energy!

Contact SA solar Technology Professional Support

Awesome Support

Contact Apollo solar technology

Get in touch with our professional solar geyser experts today for all your solar requirements. Apollo solar Technology has professional solar geyser suppliers for all your solar geyser installation services.

Apollo Solar Technology is a SA solar geyser installer

Types of solar geyser installations

There are a wide variety of solar geysers at Apollo solar technology which you could choose from to install. Do you own an electrical geyser? Although electrical geysers consume lots of electricity, Apollo solar technology can convert your existing electrical geyser with our solar geyser conversion installations. View our solar geyser  products  for more information.

Solar Conversions Evacuated Tube Collector

Apollo Solar Technology Retrofit solar geysers

SA Solar geyser conversions

As the word implies, we at Apollo solar technology’s suppliers  convert  your current electrical installed geyser to a solar geyser. The old electrical geyser is used as a tank to store your water while the solar panel, commonly installed on your roof, generates the hot water needed for your household. This is a very affordable solar geyser installation. See our range of solar  flat panel  conversions or our  evacuated tube  system solar geyser conversions.

SA Solar High Pressure Solar Geyser Products

Apollo Solar Technology High -Pressure solar geysers

High-pressure SA solar geysers

High-pressure solar geysers are the best solar system to ensure you low energy costs to Eskom. Apollo solar technology offers high-pressure solar geysers in either a closed coupled solar geyser or a split solar geyser system. A closed couple solar geyser system makes use of thermosyphon circulation while a split solar geyser makes use of a pump for circulation.

SA Solar Low Pressure Solar Geyser Products

Apollo Solar Technology Low-Pressure solar geysers

Low-pressure SA solar geysers

Low-pressure solar geysers offer great benefits for people by reducing their electricity consumption while producing hot water. Low-pressure solar geysers release steam when it boils through a breather on top of the solar geyser. Solar geysers which are low-pressure solar systems has low to none maintenance requirements. The solar collector and the geyser are connected very closely for the best water heating efficiency. Low-Pressure solar geysers benefit with gravity. Cold water moves down in to the collector while hot water moves up. Low-pressure solar geysers may not have the premium appearance but it definitely saves you a great amount of electrical costs.

Types of solar geysers

Direct Solar Geyser And Indirect Solar Geyser Systems

Indirect solar geyser systems

A heat transfer fluid is heated up instead of the water directly. The heat transfer fluid also named anti-freeze which then flows into the pipe system of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is surrounded by water therefore, the water heats up. The heat transfer liquid never comes in contact with the water.

Direct solar geyser system

Electrical pumps circulate the water through the solar collector and into the geyser or by using thermosiphoning process. Thermosiphoning process is a natural method of passive heat exchange. It is the circulation of liquid without the need of using a pump.

Apollo Solar Technology solar geyser prices

Excellent SA solar geyser prices at Apollo Solar Technology

Installing an SA solar geyser on your property is far most a much greater option than having an electric geyser installed. To have a solar geyser installed may cost a great amount of money, but because of raising prices on electricity throughout South Africa for long term a solar geyser may be an excellent investment to your property.

Although SA solar geysers can save you greatly on electricity, you are able to pay off the amount over a small period of time just with the savings made. We at Apollo solar Technology made it our goal to supply only the highest quality of SA solar geysers to South Africa. We also focus on the SA solar geyser prices to best suit your budget and needs.

Our SA solar geyser prices are very competitive and affordable for residents in South Africa. At Apollo solar Technology we have a great variety of SA solar geyser prices to compare. You can decide which SA solar geyser would suit you best according to the solar geyser requirement at your property. You’re welcome to browse through our SA solar geyser products and get the best prices on solar geysers for your home. Feel free to  contact  Apollo Solar Technology and save big on SA solar geyser prices.

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"Outstanding service by Apollo solar Technology! They contacted me right away and received a bargain on an SA solar geyser."
Robert van Graan
"Apollo solar Technology replaced my old burst geyser with a new SA solar high pressure solar geyser at a very good price."
Olivia Naidoo
"My solar geyser conversion works great. Will definitely recommend this Apollo solar Technology as a company with their fast respond times."
Marelize Vd Merwe

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