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How an SA solar geyser works

So what generates hot water?

Hot water is generated by energy and lots of it. In most geysers which produce hot water, water is heated up to 50 or 60 degrees Celsius. Cold water is flushed into the geyser’s tank and then gets heated up by a submerged electrical element. The most common forms of energy used are electricity and also in many cases gas. So, when you open the hot water tap, money is spent on energy consumption to heat the water using electricity or gas. Eskom increased it’s electricity prices as they are struggling with load-shedding and dept, therefore, you pay even more to generate hot water using electricity. The average South African uses about 75 Liters of hot water per day. Hot water is used for laundry, baths, showers and dishes. This may not seem to be a lot of hot water usage but consider how long it takes to boil a little water on a stove on it’s highest setting. Heating 75 Liters of cold water to 55 degrees, is the same energy consumption as serving 40 servings of spaghetti.

What is a solar hot water geyser

Solar geysers almost works the same as greenhouses. Sunlight passes through glass plated panels into solar collectors. Darker materials are used because it absorbs sunlight and heat much more efficiently. The solar collectors are insulated to keep the solar heat trapped in. Heat exchanger fluid or tubes are used to transfer heat flowing through the collector. This is a cycle which gets repeated over and over again. The solar heated water is stored in an insulated storage tank for future use. A solar geyser system usually gets installed on a roof at an angle the best get the most possible sunlight and solar energy to collect.

SA solar hot water geysers

An SA solar Technology solar geyser’s hot water uses the sun’s heat and converts it into usable thermal energy when the SA solar collectors installed on your roof are hotter than the water tank. The temperature controllers activates a pump to circulate an anti-freeze heating fluid to the SA solar collectors on the roof, therefore, the heating fluid heats up. The hot fluid is then pumped back into a insulated storage tank where it gives off the heat where it gives off the heat through a heat exchanger. The heating fluid gets pumped back to the roof and continues the cycle for as long as the sun is shining. South Africa is a sunny country, therefore, all the dishes you will wash, clothes and hot showers, will directly receive hot water energy from the sun with an SA solar geyser and solar hot water. On cloudy days with less sunshine, the SA solar geyser will still provide solar hot water but a backup element such as an electric geyser or electric element are used to provide hot water when it is really needed. You will get a steady supply of hot water with this electrical backup element. The electrical element will only work when it is really required so it won’t run all day or night, therefore a solar geyser will still save energy and money on cloudy days. About 80% of a homes hot water comes from the sun if using an SA solar geyser system to generate solar hot water. Therefore, you’ll be saving greatly on energy and electricity bills at the end of each year. By using an SA solar geyser in your home, will pay for itself in a few years with all the electricity bill savings you will receive by going solar. The sun is our free source of energy, with SA solar geysers, you can completely get off the Eskom grid and save on your electrical expenses.

Does a solar geyser work at night?

The simple answer is, yes, it does. Hot water is always stored in insulated tanks. Solar radiation is collected by the solar collector and hot water gets insulated and throughout the night.

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