Solar geyser conversions

Solar geyser Conversions

Retrofit solar geysers

Converting your existing Kwikot or another brand electrical geyser to a solar geyser. Apollo Solar Technology provides you with  retrofit  solar geysers for all your high-pressure or low-pressure electrical geysers.  Contact  our suppliers today for all your Apollo solar geyser requirements. We at  Apollo Solar Technology  offer you the following retrofit solar geyser products which include:

Solar Geyser Conversions Apollo Solar Technology

Benefits of retrofit solar geyser conversions

  • Affordable solar geyser retrofit solution
  • You keep your existing electrical geyser using a retrofit solar geyser
  • Always have  hot water
  • Your existing geyser is a storage tank for water
  • Save on electrical bills with retrofit solar geysers
  • Retrofit solar geyser works in all climatic conditions
  • Frost and frost-free resistance
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